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General Overview 


one in every of the foremost stable economy within the world, with no foreign debt, high government income, and a systematically positive surplus. Its economy is principally driven by exports in electronics production and machinery, monetary services, tourism, and therefore the world's busiest shipment seaport.

Singapore is famous for being a world financial center, one of the most densely populated places in the world, having a world-class urban airport with a waterfall, and a World Heritage-listed botanical garden. It is also known as a garden city which is well recognised by tourists.

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. Gallup’s Global Law and Order Report 2020 ranked Singapore first in the world for the seventh consecutive year, with over 97% of residents feeling safe walking alone at night in their neighbourhood. The World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index 2020 also ranked the island first for order and security.

Singapore is well-known for its high quality of education in the world, ranking higher than many countries like Canada and Switzerland. In fact, Singapore ranks top five in the world in PISA (a ranking based on tests taken by 15-year olds all across the world).

Newly independent Singapore faced many urban challenges. Land badly needed to address overcrowding and slums in the city centre was in short supply. With limited funds and resources, the new government enacted sweeping legislation to obtain land for urban development without straining public coffers. The Land Acquisition Act (LAA) of 1966 was controversial but necessary, as then PM Lee Kuan Yew would later explain:.

When we were confronted with an enormous problem of bad housing, no development, overcrowding, we decided that unless drastic measures were taken to break the law, break the rules, we would never solve it. We therefore took overriding powers to acquire land at low cost, which was in breach of one of the fundamentals of British constitutional law – the sanctity of property. But that had to be overcome, because the sanctity of the society seeking to preserve itself was greater. So we acquired at sub-economic rates. 

The power to acquire land was critical to fulfilling many of Singapore’s early objectives, from the provision of public housing to the development of industrial estates and major public infrastructure projects such as the airport and ports. Because land acquisition was by nature sweeping and contentious, its legal and administrative framework had to be open, fair and transparent. Safeguards as well as an appeal process were put in place to prevent its abuse by the unscrupulous and to ensure that land acquired was clearly needed for a public purpose.

Gdn by the Bay.jpg

The Population White Paper: A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore (Jan 2013) to address Singapore’s demographic challenge, has projected a possible population range of 6.5 to 6.9 million by 2030. This paper outlines our land use plan to support the larger population while preserving a high-quality living environment for all Singaporeans.


Our development strategy is to make Singapore one of the most liveable cities in the world − a city for all ages and a country we are proud to call home. This requires sound planning, close interagency coordination, timely implementation and responsiveness to Singaporeans’ needs and aspirations. We will also build in buffers where possible, so that we maintain the flexibility to respond to unexpected developments and future needs.

In meeting our people’s needs, good and affordable housing is our top priority. We will build up to 700,000 new homes by 2030. Of these, almost 200,000 are already in the pipeline. Many of the remaining 500,000 new homes will be in new towns and housing estates, infill sites in existing towns, land freed up from redeveloping old estates, and vacant land within and on the fringe of the city centre. How quickly we build new homes will depend on the actual demand.

Source from URA



Since 2007, I’ve been providing professional consulting services to clients from Singapore and beyond.


From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization.


Get in touch to learn more about my vision and consulting approach.

"I was lucky enough to know Kenny many years ago. He helped me with purchase, sales, rental and I have difficulty recalling any unpleasant experience at all.


And my friends whom I referred him to were also happy with his service level, efficiency pricing obtained. I would recommend him to friends whom i care anytime:)


He was my agent. He is my agent and great friend ) "


A Great Agent Turns Great Friend

COLIN WONG - Local Investor

"He is patient, hearing to his client.

Very professional to analysis on the market trend, gave good advise on the estimation of price.

Also very efficient that sold my flat within a month when market was not great"

Combination of Honest and Professional

JUNFENG - New Citizen

"We would like to express our gratitude for Kenny's dedication and professionalism to secure a fair value sale for my property during "quiet" market at an expeditious manner. 

Action speaks louder than words.

Hope he would continue to provide added services to people he serves.

Thanks again!"

Performance of Kenny Seah

KAR CHAI F. - Permanent Resident 


"Kenny is professional who puts the interest of his clients first.


He fielded all our questions with plenty of patience and took time to explain the paperwork in detail.


He was also proactive and kept us updated in every stage of the transaction despite his busy schedule.


Highly recommended to his service."

A very patient guy who provide us his professionalism to the fullest

JANICE NG - Local Resident

What my Clients got to say

Kenny Seah is very dedicated to his work. Honest and responsible. 

His local knowledge, effective marketing, contracting process, and communication have all impressed us.


He definitely deserves 5 stars for trustworthiness and professionalism.


Excellent and Professional Agent

TAN CHONG YONG - Developer

I approached Kenny to sell my property around end of May as my previous two agents from two different agencies could not sell it since Jan. 

Kenny is very experienced and managed to get viewers, and also an offer to purchase with cheque from an interested buyer within one month and sealed up the deal at a higher price with 2nd offer a week later. 

Great Negotiation Skill

Dr JIMMY LEE - Local Upgrader

He is always very willing to help. We are very grateful and thankful for his patience with us. 

Happy to share with all of you and in case you need for a broker. Please do contact him for every needs, sales, buying, rental.

Property Agent becomes very Good Friend and brother in Christ.

YOLANDA LEE - Local Investor

Kenny provided many varieties of houses for viewing. This helps me make comparisons and decide which type of house I really want to live in. 


With his professional service. I had a hassle-free experience with HDB portal, bank loan, lawyer service and etc, not mention his friendly and caring personality


Appreciation for your Excellent service

HUANG XIN - New Citizen

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